Your unique needs will define our work together. I customize each coaching session to help you move from inquiry -- to insight -- to awareness -- and to action.  I use professional coaching framework to engage and on-board all my clients and you can learn more about it below:​​

Working with a coach is a personal choice.

I work with individual coaching clients who want to step up their own growth. When you decide on the right coach for you, it is important that you look beyond just qualifications and experience. 


In our no-obligation discovery call, we will explore what you are looking for in a coach, what you expect to gain from coaching, and how you intend to approach this engagement. 


I will share my approach and elaborate on the coaching process and logistics.


It is important that we both feel good about working together before creating a mutual coaching agreement.


Our initial session will focus on distilling the most strategic opportunity

areas that you’d like to target through coaching.  It might be a targeted and focused immediate goal or an exploratory long term view.  We might also use specific assessment tools to better understand your personal preferences.  Coaching is journey of self-discovery and you define your goals and the pace of progress.  

So what?  

Coaching leverages the here-and-now. You live your challenges daily. Coaching helps you generate practical and immediate impact in real context.  We will agree on how to maximize the value you get from each session. Yet you define the focus for the session based on your goals or other immediate concerns you wish to address.

As a coach I act as your personal ‘guard-rails’ while you actively develop fresh understanding, safely experiment with self-generated  possibilities, evaluate options, and take action. To further the learning from the session you can expect to account for ‘work’ to do between one session and the next.

Now what?  

Each individual transition has its own speed.  After a typical coaching cycle (6-8 sessions or about 4 months) it would be time to pause for reflection on your goals and learning and also celebrate your progress and success.


This journey was yours to gain new capabilities and tools so you can confidently continue to make progress on your own. In this final session we will also reflect on our experience of working together and explore next steps for this coaching relationship. 

You get all this:

  • Individual coaching sessions (2-3 sessions per month, 40-60 minutes each as agreed in advance)

  • A complementary assessment , all the worksheets, articles, and other support material.

  • I work remotely using phone or video platform (such as Zoom, Skype), yet I am very available.

  • You enjoy unlimited e-mail support in between sessions when you have a question or need a quick boost.

  • All sessions are scheduled by you at your convenience. 

  • I am in US Pacific time zone so note the time difference using this handy tool.