Immunity to Change™ 

What makes change stick?

Sometimes all it takes is willpower.   But all too often, it won't be enough to last.


How many times were you successful in achieving and sustaining your New Year’s resolutions?


When you committed to losing weight, gaining more focused, becoming a better listener, stopping procrastination, improving collaboration . . .

Change can be hard.

How quickly we revert to familiar behaviors and then feel bad for not sustaining the change.

But in fact, we are actively yet unconsciously resistant to change.


We devote a lot of psychological energy to ensure that the change we want does not happen.  This is true for both personal improvement goals and professional ones. 

Immunity to Change™ is a research-based process which was developed by Harvard University professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow-Lahey. It is anchored in Kegan’s Constructive Development Theory, and is based on more than 30 years of adult development research and application.

As you go through the Immunity to Change™ process, you will not only learn how to expose the hidden and contradictory barriers that keep you stuck, but also how to break this vicious cycle and reshape your perspective and choices.

I went through Immunity to Change training led by Dr. Kegan and Dr. Laskow-Lahey.  


It is a step-by-step guided process that I now offer as a workshop, individual,  or team coaching. 


You get to learn:

  • what stands in your way.

  • how to leverage this process to meet your intended goals. 

  • how to create your personal development tool.

Are your tired of experiencing old re-runs of your “New Year’s Resolutions”?

Now you can finally do something about it.