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Don't Compromise. Unlimit yourself.
Shift Constraints to Creative Possibilities

Group Coaching

What part of your life is changing?

How you approach this change and create your best “what’s next” draws from your life's lessons, wisdom, and experience, your assumptions, habits, and self-imposed limitations.

Not yet sure where and how to start? 


That's completely normal.

So, tell me what’s going on with your life. Let’s see together how I may support you in creating your successful transition.

All people do their best work when they are supported.  

How to open up and build a community?

Include and engage everyone to innovate and take action, let people help each other with discovering new perspectives, and add instant power to people's choices, decisions and actions.


These workshops help shift and change:

All people do their best work when they are supported.  


A Transitionist, Curious explorer, and Coach.

I use coaching to support mid-life and mid-career individuals in shifting constraints into creative possibilities and turn learning into meaningful results.



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- Aileen (Former client)

        "This past year I found myself under the immense pressure of trying to balance my various community involvements, social life, family and friends, health, and even questioning if my 9-5 was still fulfilling.  Osnat helped me identify the patterns in my actions, and to realize what mattered to me the most.  Through her creative and thoughtful guidance, I was able to dig deep and confront issues that were holding me back, and navigate this transition with grace and confidence."

- Chris (former Client)

        "Osnat is direct. She is insightful. She listens. She’s wicked smart and she made me think. And, if I didn’t find my voice right away, she was patient with me and let things unfold naturally and in their own time. A coach’s job isn’t to fix you, it is to help you discover the answers and truths that are already inside of you and Osnat is very talented in this regard. I regained the confidence that I had lost as a fifty-something guy who had lost his job and, with her help, I found a path to follow for the next stage of my career."

- Luisa (Peer)

        "I have had the pleasure to work with Osnat in a variety of capacities ranging from being her peer, her professor, and recipient of her coaching.  I leave each engagement with her wiser, more hopeful and confident in my own capacity to transform myself and my part of the world in positive ways.  Osnat brings a deep well of knowledge, expertise and professionalism to each engagement and her calm wisdom is reflected in her focus and commitment to the practice and to her clients.  I highly recommend her as a coach and adviser."