Either way, facing the transition, that path between 'what’s no longer’ to ‘what’s next’, can stir up in you feelings of self-doubt, of second-guessing yourself, of having too many choices, of overthinking, and a host of bits-and-pieces that will slow down or altogether stop you from making progress on your journey.

How do you craft a new way of thinking when you are still stuck in the old one?

Change can feel hard.

And these feelings are completely normal.

Don't quit now!

Where's your change emerging from?

. . . maybe it is coming from the outside-in, forced on you.

. . . or from the inside-out, bubbling up from some innate, perhaps unknown desire for something different.

Your first impulse might be – “let’s find a quick solution and get on with life already! Just make the discomfort and anxiety go away."

But what would happen if you stay in that ambiguity a little longer?


Something truly amazing starts to happen when you allow yourself the time to explore. . . To develop other perspectives. . . To consider different possibilities. . . To imagine yourself in the best possible future. . .

And do you really think that your time is limited?


Time is on your side!


Instead of reacting in the moment, you get to respond with vibrancy, clarity, and choice.  You get to do it consistently now and in the future. 


And, you don’t have to go at it alone. 

I will be with you all the way: 

Supporting, advocating, championing, provoking, acknowledging, and challenging.

Ready to get started?

 Transform the way you experience life

There's no quick fix. 

Nor is it about a “splitting the difference" solution.


It's a process of creating choices for your life.

My unique hybrid coaching approach blends drawing on unconventional resources to untangle complex issues with navigating change through the lens of humanity.

Take your top values and unique strengths, blend with clarity of your diverse and even contradictory points of view, and experience how they fuel your transformation in a powerful way.


Now imagine yourself being able to shift constraints into creative possibilities, invite the unknown, and call on your courage to act.​

Surprise yourself with results you never thought were possible.