I am informal, imperfect, curious, and real. I enjoy jazz music, contemporary circus and puppetry, dabbling in Improv theater, reading, designing hats, and drinking green tea. Before moving in 2014 to Seattle, I lived and worked for many years in New York City and Paris.


More about Osnat

I am a professional coach, facilitator, and organizational consultant who supports individuals and teams in clearing the pathway between their goals and successful applications.

People appreciate my direct and compassionate style, intuitive and curious listening, being serious but not somber, and helping others shift constraints to creative possibilities.

I bring into the fold 3 decades of corporate leadership and technical development experience, a breadth of training and application in personal and professional development tools, and the perspectives of the many side-trips I have taken following my own curiosity and appetite for learning and experiencing.

Before calling Seattle  home, I was a technical development leader in several major international corporations and worked and lived for many years in NYC and Paris.  


I earned BA in Visual Communication, MS in Engineering, Certificate in Organizational Dynamics, Certificate in Gerontology, and I am committed to expanding my skills and knowledge in human psychology and personal growth.

Friends say that learning is my hobby. When I'm not coaching or facilitating, you may find me taking university courses, doing research just for the fun of it, and actively participating in several communities of practice (though I’d confess that my true love is puppetry and contemporary circus).

My Approach

There's no quick fix. 

Nor is it about a “splitting the difference" solutions.


It's a process of creating choices for your life.

My unique hybrid coaching approach blends drawing on unconventional resources to untangle complex issues and navigating change through the lens of humanity.

Take your top values and unique strengths, blend with clarity of your diverse and even contradictory points of view, and experience how they fuel your growth in a powerful way.


Now imagine yourself being able to shift constraints into creative possibilities, invite the unknown, and call on your courage to act.​

Surprise yourself with results you never thought were possible.